Ok I hope this works.  A master list of my fic.

In order of date written. All links go to the final chapter, where the earlier chapters are linked.

Rainy Days and Playing Games  a Miles 'Verse ficlet (go check  out  Wishiknewwho's verse)

My first Fic


Meant to Be 7/7 + epilogue ~ link takes you to the Epilogue, chapters are linked there

Mothers and Daughters  Meant to Be ficlet
Should I Stay? 3/3  Meant to Be ficlet

Sweet Dreams Meant to Be ficlet

Confusion & Conclusions  A School Reunion ficlet

TenII/Rose (Not part of the Meant to Be 'verse)

Right Beside You 13/13


Falling to Pieces 2/2


Housekeeping- FIC

Title:  Housekeeping
Author:  Salimali
Rating:  PG
Characters:  TenII/Rose,
Disclaimer: I don't own DW or any of its affiliated characters, if I did, it would be Ten/Rose all the way
Spoilers: I assume you're all familiar with Journey's End by now. 

Summary: TenII has a problem with hoarding junk

Author Notes: A little fic inspired by my foray into ebay last weekend. Several hours later my sons bedroom is clean and tidy and quite a few pounds is to be made on ebay.  Wishiknewwho and I were wondering- would TenII be a hoarder. This little bit of fluff was the result.

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Re:Canadian Education System age 3-11

 Hello my lovelies,

I am a primary school teacher here in the UK and have been asked to research the Canadian Education System. I have absolutely no idea about it and therefore am seeking your help.

I just need a basic overview at first as to how your days are planned, subjects taught, organisation of the school and the level of work achieved by your children.

If anyone can help me and don't mind me further bothering them with questions as I encounter them, please feel free to comment. I would be eternally grateful for any help I receive.



Salimali xxx



I'm so pleased I have a new job!! The interview was gruelling, but I managed to keep on track all day. Just found out I was successful!!!

I am now a Deputy Head Teacher !! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit: I'm a deputy head now and I spelt successful incorrectly- do you think it's a sackable offence?!?



Hello *waves*

I know, I know I haven't been on here in ages! But life has been busy and sometimes gets in the way of hobbies and fanfic ;-)

Anyway, somehow I've managed to get mysef a job interview for a promotion and I'm mega stressed!! I really want this job, I've been doing it unofficially (and unpaid) for the last two years but it isn't a given that I'll get it full time. The interview's Thursday and part of me wishes I could jump in a time machine and just get there asap!!
The good thing is, I'll know on Thursday whether or not I actually have the job and it will officially start in September.

So here's hoping

Sali x

Harry Potter Stuff- HELP!!!


I'm a primary school teacher in need of some help please.

Our school is redecorating our library and the children would like a Harry Potter themed room, mainly the Main Hall. I'm not a dedicated fan, but was hoping some of you fine people here on LJ would know where I could go to find pictures of the main professors table, (to use as a wall mural) and pictures of props that the children could try and make.

I'm sure you'd agree it would make a lovely room when it's all finished.

Thanking you all in advance

Sali x


WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!  I am really happy. I missed out on seeing DT in Hamlet and Love's Labour's Lost but today I've bitten the bullet and booked tickets already :D!!!

Hotel is already booked- not sure the hubby really wanted to go to see DT and CT for his fortieth but he's being a good sport and has agreed to accompany me up the M4 for me to spend the night squeeing !! ;-)

He's brill my hubby is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok....off to re-read Much Ado About Nothing- it's been a long time since I read Shakespeare!!


(no subject)

Title: A B C's and 1 2 3's
Author:  Salimali
Rating:  PG
Characters:  TenII/Rose, Jackie, Pete, OC
Disclaimer: I don't own DW or any of its affiliated characters, but I do own Dean and Ellie :D
Spoilers: I assume you're all familiar with Journey;s End by now. 

Summary: It's Ellie's first day at school and someone is very nervous

Author Notes:  Part of the Meant to Be series. This takes place after all the other fics- found here if you wish to read  master list

This was written for the brilliant [info]wishiknewwho who has been such a star, encouraging me, nagging me and holding my hand in my fanfic writing.

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DW Fic- Sweet Dreams (Meant to Be ficlet)

Title: Sweet Dreams
Author:  Salimali
Rating:  PG
Characters:  TenII/Rose, Jackie, Pete, OC
Disclaimer: I don't own DW or any of its affiliated characters, but I do own Dean and Ellie :D
Spoilers: I assume you're all familiar with Journey;s End by now. 

Summary: Dr John Noble, Rose & Ellie get on with their lives in Pete's World. A Meant to Be ficlet

Author Notes:   I come bearing fic! :D It's only a short little thing but its fluffy and cute (my beta's comments ;-) )   beta'd by the ever wonderful wishiknewwho


For anyone who's interested I have now written 2 chapters of a sequel of Right Beside You (or Africa fic as I like to call it) I won't be posting until I've completed it, but as I now have the next 6 weeks off from work, you can rest assured it won't be long.


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