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Miles to Go Fic- Rainy Days and Playing Games

Title: Rainy Days and Playing Games
Author: Salimali
Rating: PG
Characters: Ten / Rose, OC
Dislcaimer: I don't own Doctor Who and I don't even own the OC's I'm just playing in wishiknewwho's sandbox. Thank you xx
Spoilers: None for DW; takes place in a world where Doomsday never happened. However, if you intend to read her fic Miles to Go and don't want it spoiled, you might want to wait on this one.  Go read it- its great :D
Summary: The Oncoming Family play some games
Author Notes:  This was written as a present for   wishiknewwho  who shares her brilliant family in the Miles 'verse. It was never intended for posting, but she bullied me into posting it ;). So hopefully you'll like it- please be kind, I've never written anything before.


“48, 49, 50! Ready or not here I come!” called Kira as she took her hands away from her eyes. Kira Tyler, six years old and already Hide and Seek Champion of the Tyler household, was the one doing the seeking. It had been raining hard all day and after painting, collage, reading, the building of a den out of the sofa cushions and the systematic destroying of the electrical appliances in the flat, Rose had finally called a halt to the Doctor and Kira’s activities.

Rose had decided that the two of them might be a bit better behaved if she were involved in the game. Kira of course had chosen Hide & Seek.

Which meant at this present time, Rose was hiding behind the curtains in the living room and the Doctor was nowhere to be seen. Kira spotted Rose right away.

“Aww Mum” she sighed, “that’s not a good place to hide- I can see your feet sticking out.” Kira swished the curtain back in triumph to find Rose, shrugging her shoulders.

“Well, I don’t think I’m very good at this game, can’t we play Scrabble instead?” Rose asked

“No , you know we can’t. Daddy always wins. He cheats and uses all those alien words, and it’s not fair” said Kira. “Anyway, I know where he’s hiding.  I’m still going to be Champion”

Kira flounced out of the living room, flicking her hair over her shoulder. Rose smiled and followed her. Since the Doctor had come back into their lives Kira had come out of her shell. She was much more secure and confident, but of course this resulted in just a few battles of wills with the Doctor. Many of which, the Doctor won. Kira was determined to win this one.

Kira beckoned to Rose, wanting her to come and witness the downfall of her Daddy, as she placed her hand upon the hallway cupboard door. “Ready?” asked  Kira in a stage whisper. Rose nodded. “1, 2, 3!” Kira exclaimed as she pulled the door violently open. “Got you!”

Rose suppressed a giggle at the serious disappointment on Kira’s face.

“I was sure he was hiding there.” Kira sulked. “It’s where he hid last time!” She shut the cupboard door with a huff, standing there with her hand on her hip.

“Aw love, it doesn’t do to hide in the same places as before. You have to be inventive and think of new places to hide,” Rose placated. “Let’s think where someone as tall as Daddy can hide.”

Kira and Rose stood in the hallway, hands on hips and fingers under chins, deep in thought, identical poses.

“What about.....?” said Rose. “Nah, its too small”

“I know!” exclaimed Kira. “He’s.....” She ran off, with Rose on her heels. Rose giggled as she thought of all the other times she’d ran after Kira. Kira stormed into the bathroom and threw back the shower curtain with a gleeful “Hah!” Only for her face to fall when she realised the Doctor wasn’t there. Her shoulders slumped. “I don’t like this game anymore”

Rose laughed kindly. “Come on, I have an idea where he is, but you can’t tell him I helped you- it will invalidate the Universal Treaty of Hide and Seek!” Rose and Kira bumped shoulders conspiratorially,  Rose winked and Kira placed her finger to her lips in a gesture of secrecy. They tiptoed out of the bathroom and into Kira’s bedroom with exaggerated care.

Kira glanced around her bedroom in confusion- she couldn’t see where the Doctor could hide. She turned to her mother with a quizzical expression on her face. Rose motioned with her hands to search around. Kira looked around and began to throw open the wardrobe door; she looked behind the curtains and even in the toy box!

Kira slumped onto the bed in despair “Where could he be hiding?” she asked Rose who smiled and waved her hand around in a noncommittal movement.

While Kira was sitting on the bed she felt something tickling her legs. She swung herself over the end of the bed, head upside down, hair hanging in her face and came face to face with

“Daddy!!” Kira squealed, “I found you!”

Before the Doctor could manoeuvre himself from under the bed Kira began to bounce on it, higher and higher whilst Rose tried to get her to stop.

“Kira! Stop bouncing. You’ll injure Daddy,” she said picking her up and swinging her off the bed. The Doctor crawled out from under the bed and ruffled Kira’s hair.

“It was a good place to hide, don’t you think? But maybe not so good to be bounced on eh?” he said taking Kira from Rose to show he wasn’t cross with her.

“It was brilliant Daddy, I really couldn’t find you- but I did in the end and that means I’m still Hide & Seek Champion!” she said proudly.

“Oh yes you are” he agreed “Well until the next round- you’re hiding and I’m seeking this time. And I’m taking your crown!” The Doctor puffed out his chest full of ego and covered his eyes to count, “1...2... 3.... what number am I counting to? 5...”

“Four!” interrupted Kira and Rose, “to 50 Daddy”

“6...” the Doctor carried on counting as Rose and Kira left the room.

“Help me please, Mum,” begged Kira. “I know where I want to hide, but I can’t do it without your help.”

Rose helped Kira to hide in her chosen place and went and hid behind the shower curtain in the bathroom.

“48...49...50... Ready or not, here I come!” called the Doctor. He began his search, as Kira did, in the living room. He checked behind the curtains, sofa and even under the coffee table, but Rose and Kira were nowhere to be found. He moved on the kitchen; Kira could fit into one of the cupboards, he thought as he opened them. But no, there was no Kira or Rose there either. The Doctor then moved on to the bathroom and there he found Rose hiding behind the shower curtain.

“Got you!” he said grabbing around her waist and leaning down for a passionate but quick kiss. “Now, how I’d really like to find you, is in the shower, undressed.”

Rose blushed and playfully pushed him away. “Now’s not the time, Doctor. But later tonight, you may be lucky!” she teased. 

The Doctor grinned from ear to ear and took hold of Rose’s hand. “C’mon, let’s go find our brilliant daughter, soon to be ex Hide & Seek Champion of the Tyler household.”

Rose laughed and followed the Doctor out into the hallway and into Kira’s bedroom. A quick perusal of the room showed that Kira wasn’t there. So onto Rose and the Doctor’s bedroom next. Again Kira was nowhere to be found and the Doctor was beginning to get frustrated with his lack of ability to find a six-year old in a flat with less than six rooms.

The Doctor turned around and around, looking under the bed, in wardrobes, in the en-suite, even in the storage drawer under the bed but Kira couldn’t be found. He turned to Rose, about to ask for help when he noticed her enigmatic smile. He smacked his head in realisation: of course, Rose knew where she was.

“Roooooooose,” he begged quietly, “tell me where Kira is, please,” He put on his famous and patented puppy dog eyes look and pouted.

Rose laughed “Oh no, I’m not helping you. Kira has all the best hiding places, and you’ll never guess where she is. Do you give up? There’s chocolate cake for tea.”

The Doctor thought about this for a minute. If he gave up and Kira revealed herself, he’d lose. But on the other hand there was chocolate cake and tea waiting for him. It was a tough decision.

“Oh, ok, where is she?” he asked resigned to his fate of days of teasing for giving up.

“I’m here Daddy!” cried Kira triumphantly, jumping up “You didn’t find me, so I’m still the Hide & Seek Champion of the Tyler household!”

The Doctor laughed as he reached over to lift Kira out of the laundry basket. He hugged her tightly and then placed her on the floor.

“Oh yes, I think you definitely are Kira. And you really deserve it, it was an excellent place to hide, but... did I ever tell you about the time I had to hide in a bread basket to escape from the Lord High Priest of Qwaybanya?" the Doctor started, but he got no further as Kira and Rose tackled him onto the bed and ambushed him with the pillows.

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