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DW Fic- Right Beside You 13/13 Complete

Title: Right Beside You 12/13
Author:  Salimali
Rating:  PG
Characters:  TenII/Rose, Jackie, Pete, OC
Disclaimer: I don't own DW or any of its affiliated characters.
Spoilers: I assume you're all familiar with Journey's End by now. 

Summary:  TenII hasn't settled very well into Pete's world. Rose has to set him free before he destroys them both. Can there ever be a Happily Ever After for these two?

Author Notes: PLEASE NOTE, this is NOT part of the Meant to Be series. This is another take on Rose/TenII's life in Pete's world. 

 Thank you to the brilliant [info]wishiknewwho who has been an awesome beta and friend.  
 Dedicated to my lovely friend [info]nipplemuggins  who is still snowed under with A-Level revision- hopefully we'll see her soon xxx

Well, this is it, this is the end :D Thank you to all who have joined me on this emotional journey. I'm off on hols tomorrow, but hopefully will be back in 3 weeks with new fic to share. Enjoy xx

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Rose found the Doctor playing with Rosie in the tent he called his home. He looked up when she arrived, obviously pleased to see she’d returned. Rose smiled at him gently and sat on the bed, hands under her knees, she stole herself to speak.



“You came back,” he said quietly, at the same time. “Go on, what?”


Rose took a deep breath and attempted to raise her head. If she was going to tell him she didn’t want to stay there, the least she could do was tell him straight.

“You know I love you don’t you?”


He nodded. “Of course. What’s this about, Rose? Please tell me. We’ve been apart for too long, and yes I know it was my fault. But I can’t bear the fact that I might have made you sad again.”


“You haven’t made me sad, Doctor, not this time. But…” She took a deep breath to start again when she noticed that he’d moved to sit at her feet, supplicant. “But I know you love Rosie, and I’d never make you choose between her and me and I know you want to live here with her and carry on your work and…”


“Whoa there, take a breath. Start at the beginning. Yes, I love Rosie, but why would you be thinking you’d be making me choose? I don’t understand.” The Doctor was being patient with her and she knew he was trying to follow her train of thought. She watched as he ran his hands through his hair and when it dawned on him what she’d said. “You don’t want me to adopt her, do you? That’s what you mean by choosing isn’t it? Her or you?”


Rose’s body shook as she tried to calm herself down enough to answer him.


“Oh Rose, what have I done to you? Do you think I love her more than you? Is this a test?” He sounded bewildered and hurt now.


“No, no test. Honest,” Rose managed to get out, stopping his castigating.


“Then what? Answer me and tell me truthfully. Please.” The Doctor stood up and walked over to the crib area, picking Rosie up and depositing her inside with some toys. When he turned around Rose could see that there were tears in his eyes. She started to get up to go to him but he stopped her with a raised hand. “Please, Rose,” he whispered.


“I love you more than life itself, Doctor, and I’m sure I’ll grow to love Rosie as much as you do given time. But Doctor, I hate this place. I don’t want to live here, I’m sorry. I’m tired, Doctor, tired of the make believe life we lead. I want, no, I need to stop now. I just want to be with you, Doctor, but I really don’t want to live here. Please don’t make me stay.” She started crying hard, unable to control herself now she’d told him how she really felt. She heard him sigh and scruff his trainers along the floor as he moved. ‘He’s probably coming over to tell me to leave now,’ she thought, unable to think rationally any longer. She felt the bed dip with his weight beside her and his arm snuck over her shoulder and pulled her tightly to him, hugging her close. She turned into his body and buried her head in his shoulder and cried.


“Shh, Rose, it’s alright. Shh, I’m here,” he repeated over and over.


After a while she was aware of being pulled down to the bed, the Doctor’s arms still surrounding her, keeping her safe. Her sobs soon turned to sniffs and eventually she quietened. The Doctor still hadn’t said anything other than his repeated mantra. He continued to hold her and stroked her hair as she calmed down and eventually fell asleep.


She awoke a while later to an empty tent; she looked around and saw that Rosie was no longer in her crib and all her toys had gone too. Jumping off the bed and frantically looking around, Rose could see no trace of the little girl who’d stolen the Doctor’s heart. Where had all her toys gone? What had the Doctor done with them? What had she done? She ran out of the tent and found her way to the nursery tent hoping to find Rosie and the Doctor there. Looking around the nursery tent, she couldn’t find the Doctor, but could see Rosie sleeping peacefully in a nearby crib, her toys and belongings in a bag below it


Rose looked for a friendly face to question instead. She eventually found Cassie, tending to an older child who’d been badly hurt in a mortar attack. Rose went over to her and said hello, hoping she could give her the answers she was looking for. Rose found herself unable to ask Cassie what she wanted to know so she allowed Cassie to chat away to her, oblivious to the turmoil inside her new friend. After a rendition of whom out of the volunteers was dating who and who’s dumped whom, Rose could stand it no more. She interrupted Cassie, “How can you stand being here, with all this death and destruction?”


“I don’t know, I suppose you get used to doing good and then you don’t see the awfulness. You see the hope instead,” Cassie answered. Rose was aware that Cassie was studying her reaction to her words. “Why, Rose? Don’t you like it here?”


Rose shook her head as the tears threatened to flow again. “I’m sorry Cassie but I hate it here.”

Cassie hugged Rose. “It’s okay, Rose, it’s not for everyone. And anyway, you could always do some good for us back in London if you wanted to help. You know, contacts and stuff. We always need supplies. John will be able to tell you what we need.”


Rose started crying again, shaking. “I don’t think so. He’s going to stay here.”


“What? You are kidding me right? The man worships the ground you walk on. He’s going with you wherever you go.” Cassie insisted. “Now, let’s dry those eyes, clean yourself up and go and find the man in question.”


Cassie ushered Rose to the wash area where she waited while Rose cleaned herself up. When Rose had finished, Cassie walked with her over to Dr. Don’s office where she knew John was. Knocking on the makeshift doorframe, Cassie announced that she was with Rose. The Doctor turned around and smiled at Rose, said his goodbyes to Dr. Don and walked out to meet her. Bending down, he kissed her softly.


“Hello, you’re awake, I see.” He spoke quietly so only Rose could hear. “Are you feeling better now?”


Rose nodded gently. “A little, I think.” Her voice cracked as she answered him. “I don’t know, I can’t seem to stop crying today.”


She was aware of Cassie leaving them as the Doctor wrapped his arm around her shoulder and led her over to the nearby bench; she realised it was the same bench they’d been sitting at the previous night. Sitting down and holding the Doctor’s hand tightly, Rose apologised.

“I’m sorry Doctor.”


“No, Rose. There’s no need to apologise. I need to say something to you though. Can I?” he asked seriously. Rose nodded and he went on. “I love you so much it hurts, and I am so sorry for putting you through months of hell, not knowing where I was or if I cared anymore and I can only apologise and tell you that I’ll never put you second best again, never make you think I don’t care. I will spend my life making sure you know that. And yes, Rose, if it’s alright with you I’d like to adopt Rosie, well, I’d like you to adopt Rosie with me, if you’d like?”


Rose went to speak but the Doctor stopped her interrupting, so she just nodded, yes she’d like to adopt Rosie too.


“And,” he continued, “believe me when I say this. I will live anywhere in the world with you, as long as we’re together, you and me and little Rosie. Here in this hell hole, in a tent on the North Pole, London, anywhere, bloody hell, Rose, I’d even live in Jackie’s mansion if you want. I just want to be with you forever.”


And they were.


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