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DW Fic- Sweet Dreams (Meant to Be ficlet)

Title: Sweet Dreams
Author:  Salimali
Rating:  PG
Characters:  TenII/Rose, Jackie, Pete, OC
Disclaimer: I don't own DW or any of its affiliated characters, but I do own Dean and Ellie :D
Spoilers: I assume you're all familiar with Journey;s End by now. 

Summary: Dr John Noble, Rose & Ellie get on with their lives in Pete's World. A Meant to Be ficlet

Author Notes:   I come bearing fic! :D It's only a short little thing but its fluffy and cute (my beta's comments ;-) )   beta'd by the ever wonderful wishiknewwho


For anyone who's interested I have now written 2 chapters of a sequel of Right Beside You (or Africa fic as I like to call it) I won't be posting until I've completed it, but as I now have the next 6 weeks off from work, you can rest assured it won't be long.


Ellie was ecstatic; her Mummy and Daddy were going to live with each other at last. She’d prayed to whoever was listening for her Mummy and Daddy to want to live with each other. Her Mummy had said there might be a god, but Ellie wasn’t so sure. Her Daddy had said he was a god but he wasn’t really, so something was wrong there. Mummy had said that Daddy was a sex god, but Ellie wasn’t supposed to know that, she’d overheard her telling Dean one day. Ellie’d thought about asking Santa, but Christmas had come and gone and it was a long time until the next one. In the end her, Mummy and Daddy had decided themselves that they needed to live together and Ellie was ecstatic.


There had been lots of talking and discussing and thinking, and Daddy had done a lot of walking around the flat with papers in his hands, muttering all the time that the rooms were too small, the doors were the wrong colour, the windows didn’t face south (whatever that meant), while Mummy just teased him about carpets and doors and something called a mortgage. Ellie didn’t know what that was, but when Mummy said it, Daddy would chase her around the flat giggling, ending up with them kissing a lot. But Ellie didn’t mind. It meant that Mummy, Daddy and her were going to live in a house together, in fact they were moving tomorrow. Tonight they were staying in Daddy’s flat as someone else already lived in their house.


Ellie was so estatic that she couldn’t sleep. She crept down from her high bed and ducked under her tent, forgetting that her toys had already been packed away. She sighed; the room looked big and empty with only the bed in it and Ellie felt a bit strange. Knowing Mummy wouldn’t be mad at her, Ellie decided to find her and tell her about the strange feeling in her tummy when she looked around her room. Climbing back up the ladder Ellie reached in and found her favourite soft toy, a fluffy dog called Haircut. She cuddled him under her arm, put her thumb in her mouth and went off in search of Mummy or Daddy.


Ellie found Daddy sitting on the sofa in the living room. He was looking at pictures of Ellie when she was a baby, and while Ellie always liked to look at them too, they never made her cry like they were making Daddy cry now.


“Daddy?”  Ellie felt the funny feeling in her tummy get worse; it was creeping up to her throat now and making her voice sound funny. Daddy was brilliant, and knowing exactly how to make Ellie feel better, he lifted his head and smiled and held out his arms for a hug. They sat on the sofa together until Mummy came in and joined them.

“Mummy, my room feels strange and my tummy hurts.” Ellie knew her mummy was just like her daddy, she could make her feel better.

Mummy decided that they should go into Ellie’s bedroom and cuddle down under the covers and try and get some sleep. But then Daddy pointed out that they couldn’t all climb up into Ellie’s bed, because it was too small. Daddy said he had a better idea, and to go and get some snacks and meet him in Ellie’s room in five minutes.


 Ellie dashed off to the kitchen to see what they could find. Mummy was always very good at finding snacks, maybe because she was the one who hid them from Daddy. Soon the tray was laden with snacks and a drink of banana milk for Ellie and one for Daddy too, Mummy liked strawberry milk but there wasn’t any left, so she just had to have plain. Daddy was waiting at the door to the room and he opened it with a flourish. Ellie loved what he had done.


Ellie was sleepy. Daddy had made a den under her bed and now all three of them were lying on a bed of pillows and cushions and cuddling under a blanket in the dark. Daddy was using the sonic screwdriver to create a star filled night picture on the underside of the bed. His quiet voice, spinning a web of stories of travelling to the stars and having wild adventures with Mummy soon lulled Ellie to sleep.



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