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Title: A B C's and 1 2 3's
Author:  Salimali
Rating:  PG
Characters:  TenII/Rose, Jackie, Pete, OC
Disclaimer: I don't own DW or any of its affiliated characters, but I do own Dean and Ellie :D
Spoilers: I assume you're all familiar with Journey;s End by now. 

Summary: It's Ellie's first day at school and someone is very nervous

Author Notes:  Part of the Meant to Be series. This takes place after all the other fics- found here if you wish to read  master list

This was written for the brilliant [info]wishiknewwho who has been such a star, encouraging me, nagging me and holding my hand in my fanfic writing.

ABC's and 123's

The wind blew the leaves around the street in a twirling mess of nature as the Doctor and Rose walked away from the dark red building at the end of the road. Rose could feel the tension radiating off the Doctor as he held onto her hand as if his life depended on it. She gently squeezed his hand and repositioned her fingers to thread them through his, stroking them lightly and hoping to calm him down.

“She’ll be fine Doctor,” Rose said quietly, looking at his disgruntled frown as he turned and looked at the building looming behind him.

“Ah, yes, so you say...” he began, “but will she really? What about all the other kids? Will they be nice to her? What about her teacher? She doesn’t know how to deal with a half Time Lord child does she? Only I know how to educate her like that. That’s it I’m going back in.”

Before he could turn and walk back into the school Rose pulled him forcefully around to face her. Placing her hands on either side of his face and drawing it down to meet hers she softy stroked his temples with her thumbs.

“You have been a brilliant Daddy to Ellie, giving her everything she’s ever wanted in life. But now, Doctor, she needs other things, things you and I can’t give her. She needs to make friends of her own age, have adventures with them and learn to compromise and share. All these things and more will be learnt by her at this school Doctor. You know that don’t you?” Rose spoke quietly and softly, not allowing the Doctor to interrupt, continuing her ministrations on his temples. Eventually she felt his pulse calm down a little.

He sighed, “I know, I know you’re right about it. But I don’t have to like it. What if she hates it here Rose? What will we do then?”

Rose smiled, “She won’t hate it Doctor. She’ll love it. And when it’s over, she won’t be able to wait to tell us all about it.”

“But that teacher, Miss Bell, she doesn’t look old enough to be teaching.” 

Rose laughed at this, “Miss Bell has been teaching for four years now. She comes to this school highly recommended. Apparently she was head hunted from her last school. I don’t think you’ve any need to worry.”

Rose removed her hands from his face and reached out to hold the Doctor’s hand, “C’mon silly, let’s go and see what mischief Dylan has caused for Mum since we’ve been gone.” She pulled him away from the school before he could decide to go back in again.

As they walked away the Doctor said, “You know Rose. I could be a teacher, maybe I could get a job at the school make sure nothing happens to Ellie while she’s in there.” 

Rose stood stock still, “No, Doctor,” she said firmly. “If you want to be a teacher then that’s fine, but you are not going to be one in Ellie’s Primary school. Now, you need to chill out and realise that Ellie will be fine in school today and every other day and you cannot go around holding her hand forever.” 

“But I want to,” the Doctor said quietly, “I don’t want anything or anyone to harm her in any way. How can I do that if I’m not with her all the time?”

Rose felt her heart clench as his worries about not being Time Lord enough for them came to the fore again. Periodically the Doctor had doubts about his ability to be a normal human being and whether it really was enough for Rose, Ellie and now baby Dylan. But Rose knew it was something he had to work through himself as she had repeatedly told him how he was their world and would always be enough for them.

“You aren’t always with her now Doctor. When you take on a job for Torchwood, sometimes you’re away for days on end. She’s fine then isn’t she?” Rose tried to make the Doctor see sense.

“Yeah, but then you’re with her then. Now neither of us are with her. She’s all alone.”

Rose fought the urge to laugh at the Doctor’s melodramatic outlook on this situation.

“Doctor, Ellie will be gone for less than three and a half hours. We pick her up at twelve thirty. I’m sure no harm will come to her in that time. Before we know it, we’ll be walking back down this street to pick her up. Now come on, let’s get Dylan and have a walk in the park to pass the time.”

Three hours later saw the Doctor and Rose return to the school to collect Ellie. They had had a lovely morning in the park with Dylan who was now fast asleep in his pram. The Doctor and Rose waited patiently, each clutching a cup of coffee, for the bell to ring to signify the return of their daughter.

The Doctor had been spoiled these past months, his job as an author was from home and although he took on Torchwood assignments from time to time, he was lucky enough to spend the majority of his time with his family. He wondered how other dads coped, as he looked around and saw the majority of women and nannies waiting for the children, when they saw their children for only a few hours a day before bedtime.

He silently laughed to himself as he thought about how his life had changed in the past two years, from actively seeking out thrills and adventure to being content to spend time at home with the people he loved, and even going to visit Jackie and Pete once a week too. His Time Lord self would be so proud of him, living the one adventure he could never have.

The sound of the bell broke his reverie and he looked around to see the teacher standing by the doors, eager children waiting behind her for their parents to claim them. He squeezed Rose’s free hand tightly.

“I’m sure she had a good time,” Rose said, sensing his continued worry.

“Yeah,” he smiled, “I’m betting she did too.”

It seemed to take an enormous amount of time for the children to be handed over to the parents as Miss Bell spoke to each and every one, giving them a run down of their child’s morning. Finally the time came for Ellie to be released. She came haring out from behind the teacher, plaits all askew, with a blob of pink paint on her school jumper and a painting in her hand. The Doctor thought she looked beautiful and very happy. He was barely aware of Miss Bell telling them that she’d had a good day and that Ellie had enjoyed painting them a picture, as Ellie handed over the painting with a grin.

“That’s us, Daddy.” she said, “I had a great day.”

He looked down at the picture and smiled. Swinging Ellie up onto his shoulders and holding his hand out to Rose, helping her push the pram, the Doctor took his little family home.


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