Easily Confused!!

10 December 1972
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I'm 37 going on 23! I am married with one child whom I adore. I teach primary school and I am VERY passionate about it. I can become very obsessive complusive about things when I like them(unfortunately this doesn't stretch to housework!!)
I love going on outdoors style holidays and can think of nothing worse than a beach holiday,with nothing to do all day than lie on the beach sunbathing. My idea of relaxing is a busy day followed with a few hours peace and quiet surfing the internet and of course reading fan fic.
I have never attempted to write any sort of story since school, but I love reading other people's stuff. EDIT- 2010, I have dipped my toes into the fanfic writing water, fingers crossed it all goes ok ;)
I will attempt to keep this journal but I'm afraid my life is quite boring and I can't believe anyone would be interested!! I live in hope!
cooking, education/pedagogy, family, music- very eclectic taste, reading anything and everything, researching all things dw, walking